World Trade Centers Hamburg and Kiel

Regions of Responsibility

World Trade Centers Hamburg and Kiel are representing a merged area in northern Germany  with about 5 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area of Hamburg plus additional 1.5 million inhabitants to be directed more to WTC Kiel, 100 consulates, best infrastructural capabilities and a lot of capacity for new ideas and offices to serve the German and the European market.


Team up - No question about.


Both License companies have the same shareholders. The cities are, not only because of a distance of approx. 1.5 hours by car or train, very close together. Both are state capitals in Germany.


Why not merge both WTCs to one?


Hamburg is one of the global players in Germany. Kiel is strongly engaged in good connections to our neighbors in Scandinavia and our eastern neighbors at the Baltic Sea. The Cities are connected by the Kiel Canal, the men made waterway with the most traffic in the word until Suez or Panama will go on top.


What about contacts to companies in other regions in Germany?


We will try our very best. But: We do not engage in regions with an other operating World Trade Center without a written permission to do so. Within the World Trade Centers Association we just promote our economic regions. If it occurs that an inquiry meets perfectly to a company that is member of an other WTC in Germany, and we cannot find a suitable party in our regions or list of members, we will inform the specific WTC immediately.





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