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World Trade Centers Hamburg and Kiel


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At World Trade Center Hamburg and Kiel Clubs the members of the World Trade Centers are organized. Member rights are perceived by the representatives designated by the Member.


 World Trade Center is trying to link its members for the purpose of business relations, particularly with the creation of business and personal connections, wide. Supervision is active continuously, situational, systematically and individually.




Our Members

The creation of opportunities for the implementation of commercial transactions, is exactly the focus of our activities, such as the provision and retrieval of information, support and creating links, through our network within the World Trade Centers Association. If we can help - we do.



AlternativeS to membership

Membership in the World Trade Centers Hamburg and Kiel Clubs is locally a prerequisite for the use of services by us.


In terms of economic development and the acquisition of members, trade requests are forwarded for free to non-members, provided that in each product / service area no member is available - or interested.


Are you already member of a WTC Business Club?

With the membership in your local WTC you have membership rights in the World Trade Center Hamburg Club and the World Trade Center Kiel Club.




Exceptions are made for some B2B meetings, trade missions and international acquisition. For this is your World Trade Center likely responsible.




Membership in a World Trade Center Business Club is the best prerequisite to use the performance of the World Trade Centers Hamburg and Kiel.


Members of other World Trade Center be linked to members of the World Trade Centers Hamburg and Kiel and an attempt is made to find suitable business partners. This can be contacts for long-term cooperation but also individual commercial transactions. Smaller deals are generally conveyed to our members in the course of information transmission.


World Trade Center - an appropriate forum, information on products, services, applications - quickly spread.


From the principle of reciprocity, members have numerous benefits worldwide.




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