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World Trade Centers Hamburg and Kiel Services for non-members



  • Each and every service of the World Trade Centers Hamburg or Kiel is available, cheaper or free of charge if you ask your WTC to contact us in your purposes.


  • In case of any benefit for our members or regions most services are free of charge.


  • In our local communication, your company name will only appear only on request.


  • Feel free to order charged services.


  • In case of benefit for our member or massive benefit for our region - no charges.


  • For all described services the Terms of Service (current release) are binding.


  • Inquiries and orders have to be in German or English language.



Why WTC members are privileged?

World Trade Centers Hamburg an Kiel are not interested in participating in your business success. We are interested in the development of cooperation, trade and exchange between our members.



What about contacts to companies in other regions?

We will try our very best. But: We do not engage in regions with an other operating World Trade Center. Within the World Trade Centers Association we are promoting just our economic regions. If it occurs that an inquiry meets perfectly to a company that is member of an other WTC in Germany, we will inform the WTC immediately as far as we know about.



How to become a member of a World Trade Center?

1. Visit the Website of the World Trade Centers Association. (https://www.wtca.org/locations)

2. Choose the WTC that is at your location or closest to it.

3. Visit the website of the chosen WTC to get the relevant Terms and Conditions or ask directly for membership opportunities.



No WTC in your Region?

Very unlikely but possible. Choose one WTC worldwide that is most suitable for your needs to become a temporary member. Ask e. g. your Chamber of Commerce to apply for membership in the World Trade Centers Association to get a WTC at your location.


Who can apply for membership in Hamburg or Kiel?

Anyone who lives, has an office or branch-office, an intention to open an office in the metropolitan area of Hamburg or in Germany at a place, where still no operating World Trade Center is present.

For the second case, membership will not be extended with the opportunity to become member at your location.

You are welcome to apply for membership if you are already member of another World Trade Center Business Club. Advantage: Your global goals will be pursued. Different World Trade Centers - different plans and programs.

Questions, offers, applications: info(at)wtchh.com









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